Consumers Care About Their Food

You know that consumers are growing savvier about the foods they choose. They care how products are made and where the essential ingredients come from. A food manufacturer has to do it all – provide a flavorful, responsibly-made, low sodium food that doesn’t budge an inch on great taste.

Our completely natural, gourmet, low sodium sea salt can be your product’s secret ingredient to help you meet the expectations of even your most discerning consumers. Let us show you all the reasons that Secret Sun® Sea Salts will deliver the taste and health benefits that your customers demand.


Great Taste: Our Unique Harvesting Process Results In Unbeatable Flavor

Heart Health: An All-Natural Low Sodium Sea Salt That Doesn’t Scrimp On Taste

Environment: Our Eco-Conscious Sea Salt Is Harvested In Harmony With The Environment

Logistics: Vast Supply, Conveniently Located For Economical And Efficient Shipping

Certifications: All-Natural, available as Organic (with alternate anticaking agent), Non-GMO, and Certified Kosher