Capture the Pure Taste of Nature

Secret Sun® Sea Salts are distributed by Sun Harvest Salt, LLC. Our mission is to create a better sea salt. We believe that doing things right from the beginning, even if our environmentally friendly harvesting process takes two and a half years, will result in a healthier salt with an unbeatable taste.

The Power Of Partnership

We’ve been able to combine innovation with experience by partnering with some of the best and most respected companies in our industry.

We work in direct partnership with Exportadora de Sal (ESSA), a Mexican company that has been harvesting salt from Laguna Ojo de Liebre since 1954. ESSA is the world’s largest open salt works and serves 26% of the international salt market.

The Caring Touch

Sun Harvest Salt was created to deliver a unique and special sea salt to the food manufacturing market. We want to provide a healthier and purer salt choice so that food manufacturers can offer their customers a truly superior taste in every bite (or sip). We’ve been personally touched by heart disease, and that is why we’ve work so hard to develop great tasting, low sodium sea salts. We utilize the natural powers of the sun, sea, and wind to create our salt, which is kosher,  non-GMO and available as Organic with an alternate anticaking agent. Purer salt leads to purer taste!