Solid Logistics Mean Efficient
& Convenient Shipping

The ease of moving ingredients to your facility can help keep your production on schedule and improve the predictability of your entire manufacturing operation.

We are aware of how important it is that our salt ships quickly and efficiently to our customers, which is why we’ve put a lot of consideration and effort into designing a highly effective logistical system.

Our salt is harvested from a lagoon in Mexico less than a ten hour drive from the U.S. border. Our salts are warehoused in San Diego, CA situated conveniently near freight and rail lines for convenient and economical transport across the country.

Food Grade Certified

Our salt is sifted and processed to food grade quality, ensuring the best quality products for your operations. All plants are FSSC/GFSI and HACCP certified. We are expanding our US processors, and will be adding a facility in the Central U.S. soon.

Extensive Supply, Great Shelf Life

We have a nearly limitless supply of sea salt available, which allows us to easily meet orders of all sizes. We currently ship 50 pound bags and the proximity of our warehouse to freight and rail lines ensures economical and efficient supply lines.

Initial orders currently require a lead time of six weeks.

Our salt enjoys an extensive shelf life of five years, allowing cost-effective ordering. Additionally, our salt stores easily from 32˚ to 142˚ F, making it impervious to all but the most extreme temperature fluctuations.

Learn about our salt’s other benefits:
Great Taste
Heart Health