Healthy Customers Are Happy Customers

Secret Sun Sea Salts and Heart HealthWe are well aware that heart disease is the number one killer in America, and diet is a big culprit in this public health crisis. In particular, sodium has been linked to high blood pressure, the second largest driver of heart disease. We are simply eating too much salt, which is often hidden in the foods we buy.

Food manufacturers face increasing pressure from the government, media, and health organizations to lower the sodium content in their meats, soups, breads, and other products. Consumers also actively seek lower sodium foods and are scrutinizing food labels like never before.

The trend is clear. Consumers want less salt, but they won’t sacrifice taste.

Manufacturers who offer lower sodium products without giving up taste can stand out from their competitors, meet the concerns of their customers, and help create a healthier world.

We offer a variety of full flavor, low sodium sea salts to meet the growing needs of your business. Our 35% sodium reduced and 45% sodium reduced sea salt can help your customers lower their sodium intake, follow a low salt diet, and enjoy healthier lives. We can also create customized 50+% lower sodium blends with sea-source potassium chloride for your lowest sodium products.

Less Sodium, Abundant Taste

Your customers are not about to pay for bland food or eat something that tastes metallic or bitter. Even our lowest sodium salts retain such abundant flavor that you can maintain the taste of your product with far less sodium. Consumers may not taste the difference, but they’ll appreciate the lower sodium.

How Do We Harvest Such Great Tasting Salt?

Find out by reading about our unique harvesting system.

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