A Noticeable Difference

Anyone who has ever tasted regular table salt and sea salt in the same sitting can easily tell the difference. Sea salt sings on the tongue. Secret Sun® Sea Salts have an even cleaner and more flavorful taste than anything currently on the market, and can make a difference in your soups, sauces, and meats.

Sea Salt Great TasteThe “secret” behind our patented salt has to do with our innovative harvesting process that harnesses the power of the sea, sun, and wind to create something undeniably pure.

It all starts at a lagoon in Mexico, Laguna Ojo de Liebre, which has been named a Unesco World Heritage site and is a wildlife refuge. Over a multi-year patented process, the water from the lagoon evaporates through a series of condensation ponds. Each pond removes minerals and other solids resulting in a natural, clean, pure tasting sea salt. Our single-crystal low sodium sea salts enhance the natural flavors of your food products.

Taste Is What Matters

Secret Sun Sea Salt Great TasteTaste will always matter most to your consumers, and what they want is the flavor of real salt. A report by the research company Mintel found that “when it comes to products flavored with a non-sodium or salt alternative, almost half (46%) of consumers in the US think that they don’t taste as good as their traditional counterparts[1]”.

Even when a product is low sodium, organic, non-GMO, and kosher, consumers won’t buy if they don’t love the taste. You no longer have to choose between great taste and your customers’ health. We offer low sodium sea salt AND real salt flavor. With our pure salt crystals added to your recipe, every bite will be a gourmet experience.

We can also produce customized 50+% lower sodium blends that incorporate sea-source potassium chloride. These blends provide full flavor and further reduced sodium for your most sodium sensitive customers.

Great taste is only the beginning of our story. Learn more about the other benefits of our salts.

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