57% Less Sodium Sea Salt

Our 57% reduced sodium sea salt is our lowest sodium option. Like all of our Secret Sun sea salts, it takes 2 1/2 years to create our sea salt from the time we start sun harvesting from the Pacific Ocean. Our patented process delivers a great tasting sea salt, which we blend with marine-sourced potassium chloride. This sea salt is ideal for a wide range of products where higher levels of sodium reduction are required. View our product application chart.

All of our all-natural sea salts are Non-GMO and certified Kosher. They are also available in the following alternate anti-caking forms: YPS, no anti-caking, with TriCalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Carbonate or Silicon Dioxide

Our 57% Less Sodium Sea Salt is Available in the Following Form:

57% Less Sodium Sea Salt Fine Grind

Item Code: SHS 057LSF

Description: SHS 057LSF Salt is high purity, food grade salt, produced naturally by blending salt from our exclusive and patent process called SALTING OUT, with potassium chloride from a marine source. This salt is obtained by the difference in density of the two brines, screening to fine particle size

Organoleptic properties: SHS 057LSF Salt has a characteristic salty taste.

Additives: Yellow prussiate of soda as anticaking agent 8-12 ppm Typical, and 13 ppm max. When this salt is incorporated into a food product, this additive is considered incidental, non-functional and exempt from label declaration in accord with 21CFR 101.100(a)(3).

Applications: Intended for a variety of food processing applications, including baking, dough, soups, cheese manufacturing, meat processing, seasoning and prepared mixes. Non-food application includes acting as carrier or a chemical and bulking agent in many household and personal care product. Contains yellow prussiate of soda as an anticaking agent.

Packaging and storage: SHS 057LSF is available in 50 lb., polypropylene bag. Chemically stable, Minimum cake-free life is 5 years when stored in a cool, dry area, relatively free of drafts, where humidity does not cycle through 75%rh.

Brand Name: Secret Sun

Pallets: Standard pallet configuration 40 x 48, 50 bags per pallet, height: 42.

Methods of Analysis: Food Chemical codex, NOM 041 1993

Other Properties: SHS 057LSF is free of allergens, and exhibits virtually no microbiological activity; Certified Kosher; Non-GMO; also available as Organic compliant with alternate anticaking agent.

Unit Typical Millimeters U.S. Mesh Typical
Potassium Chloride % 56.5 +/- 0.5 0.2 – 1.0 -18 + 70 93 +/- 3%
Sodium Chloride % 42.5 +/- 2
Magnesium salts % 0.036 +/- 0.003
Potassium % 29.63 +/- 0.5
Sodium % 16.72 +/- 0.4
Chloride % 53.0 +/- 0.5
Moisture % 0.03 ~ 0.3
pH (10% solution) 5.0 – 7.0
YPS Anhydrous ppm 8 ~13
Water Insoluble % 0.006 ~ 0.01
Heavy Metals (ppm):
Copper, as CU ppm Less than 0.5
Cadmium, as Cd ppm Less than 0.5
Mercury, as Hg ppm Less than 0.1
Lead, as Pb ppm Less than 1.0
Arsenic, as As ppm Less than 0.5
Iron, as Fe ppm Less than 1.0

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