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A Healthier Solution – Patented Single Crystal Less Sodium Sea Salts

heart-healthNearly 30% of adults in the U.S. suffer from hypertension, the second leading cause of heart disease. We offer a full range of sea salts, including a variety of low sodium sea salt options that can support healthy hearts and still deliver a powerful and pleasing taste. Your customers are asking for low sodium food options… now you can give it to them without compromising on taste. A Healthier Salt Option

Secret Sun Sea Salt

The Pure Sea Salt

Our delicious, food-grade sea salt is made by the sea, sun, wind, and natural minerals of the earth. The multi-year harvesting process creates a pure and natural sea salt full of flavor. We simply let Mother Nature do the work. Our Harvesting Process

Stand Out From The Rest

You already know that salt is a fundamental component of most packaged foods, including cheeses, soups, meats, breads, sauces, and almost everything else found on a grocery store shelf. Help your product stand out from the competition by choosing Secret Sun Sea Salt, an all-natural sea salt that is big on taste and low on sodium. Our all-natural low sodium sea salt provides a healthier option for your customers, while offering such a pure flavor that consumers won’t even taste the difference. View products

A Natural Sea Salt.  Secret Sun® Sea Salts Are:

  • 100% Natural

  • Certified Kosher

  • Non-GMO

  • Available as Organic with Alternate Anticaking Agent

  • US Food Grade: All plants are FSSC/GFSI and HACCP certified

  • Meets FDA’s Standard of Identity for Sea Salt

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Sun Harvest Salt, LLC is the exclusive distributor of Secret Sun® Sea Salts,
harvested in Baja California Sur. We intend to upend the salt industry with
a product that lowers sodium content without compromising on taste.

Harvesting Process like no otherOur harvesting process is like no other and produces a pure, single-crystal salt that infuses foods with full salt flavor while reducing sodium. We offer a full range of sea salts, from our pure, 99.9% sodium chloride sea salt, to our popular 25%, 35%, 45%, and 57% reduced sodium sea salts. And all are available in a wide range of grinds.

We’ve partnered with an operation that brings over 60 years of salt harvesting experience to the table and developed a swift and efficient logistical system. Our gourmet sea salt was developed to meet the strictest standards of quality, and the certifications we’ve earned prove that we offer a healthy, premium product.

Our customers have told us that our sea salts deliver an exceptional taste. Now it’s time for you to taste the difference as well. Contact us to discuss your sea salt needs today.